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Most of the time when you plan a dinner with your loved ones or not so loved ones (official bosses, you see!), the same question arise all the time. This is known to you all and especially to horrified male clan who almost got dined by their better halves over the wrong dish selection. Well they all have my sympathy with them. Ok not get distracted and stick to the topic. So what we all are faced with is the unfamiliarity with the dishes in the menu.

So here in this discussion I have bought to you some of the best vegetarian dishes of all times. I browsed and went through all the pain and stake (not exaggerating! not every lady cooks fine) to benefit you all.

 Check out here the list of top 10 vegetarian dishes that you should try for sure:

  • Squashed sage risotto with blue cheese:  You all may be interested in the tongue twisting name of this recipe. Risottos are always the best choice of the vegetarians. 
  • Kung Pao Tofu: The tofu as an active ingredient this is a Japanese delicacy. 
  • White chilli: As the name suggests the active ingredient of this dish is the White chilies. It is prepared with clove, onion and garlic this dish is frosted and then served.
  • Artichoke Spinach Lasagna: this delicacy will force you to love spinach be whatever may be your excuse.
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto: With mushroom, garlic and onion as its active ingredient this dish is a perfect combination of spiciness and mesmerizing aroma.  
  • Blue Cheese Pizza:  It can also be a delicacy for the pizza lovers.
  • Dal with veggies: This Indian delight will make you appreciate the Indian food for sure.
  • Tagliatelle with Veggies:  Those who are always ion a look out for the experimental dishes this is a must try.
  • Spring Onion with grilled Cheese: The grilled cheese pizza lovers are for sure going to love this dish.
  • Solstice Pie: How can the pies miss out the top 10 most delicious vegetarian dishes list?

So these are the must tasted 10 vegetarian dishes for you all. Go and enjoy.