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The acquired tastes all over the world seriously range a lot from a little more than your imagination. The world is full of such weird but liked foods that you will find hard to believe. Ok, you don’t believe me then check out the list below.

Top 10 acquired tastes in the world are listed here:

  • Oysters: Just the description of these as the taste of bodily excretion is enough for some to vomit them out. They are still a craze and the hefty priced fish delicacy all over the world.
  • Sushi: This Japanese raw fish delight is just a lump of flesh for many. It is termed as the acquired taste by many while its lover praises the dish as most exotic of all.
  • Brussel sprouts: If you have kids then there is no need to tell about the hatred of this dish. Still it is highly nutritious and healthy food item on the planet.
  • Blue Cheese: You may be a cheese lover but you can be lured away by the strong aroma and a distinctive peculiar flavor of this cheese variety.
  • Caviar: Regarded as fish’s poo sometimes, Caviar is simply non-fertilized sturgeon eggs clump.
  • Fugu: The suicidal fish of japan because of the presence of Tetrodotoxin is love d a lot all over Japan and some other parts of the world.
  • Beer: Hard to believe but your favorite beverage is also in acquired taste list.
  • Red wine: Again a beverage loved by millions but is in the list.
  • Coffee: Sorry but what to do if coffee is also an acquired taste, you believe it or not.
  • Dark chocolate: this one is the last but not least, it also comes under acquired taste.

So I hope I made my point clear to you all and you all now know the top 10 acquired taste of the world in detail.